Erkan Kandemir, who was born in Istanbul in 1981 and root is Rize. After graduating from the Department of Civil Engineering at Sakarya University, he received his master's degree in International Relations and Political Science at Kingston University in England. Later, King's College London made his second post-graduate degree in the Middle East Studies. He also attended Cambridge University's International Relations program.

Kandemir has been involved in social work since his early ages, and has been tasked with various foundations and associations. He was the head of the faculty association in the university years. Active political life began with the founding of the AK Party.

Since 2002, he has been serving  as a member of the Provincial Board of Directors and Deputy Chairman of the Provincial Youth Branches of the AK Party. In 2009,he was appointed to the Youth Branch as the Istanbul Provincial Chairman. He has been abroad for three years after his term of office. In 2014, Prime Minister's Consultancy was appointed. In October of the same year the Ministry of Health of Republic of Turkey, has been appointed as Deputy Minister of Health.

Kandemir entered the parliament as an Istanbul deputy on 7 June 2015, and was elected as AK Party Istanbul deputy for the second time in the elections on November 1, 2015. Kandemir, a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, is a member of the Commission on Political Affairs and Democracy in the Joint Parliamentary Assembly and Immigration, Refugees and Displaced Persons Commissions.  At the same time Kandemir, Turkey Grand National Assembly Planning and Budget Commission membership and he engages Turkey and the Maldives Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group President.

Kandemir is married and has one child. He speaks English well.