10-12-2020 09:46:50

 “Arrest rate in Turkey has dropped to 16% as of December”

Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül made a speech to told lawmakers during the 2021 budget debates in the Turkish parliament.

The main priority of Turkey’s justice system should be trial without arrest, the country’s justice minister said Wednesday.

"In cases where it is necessary to consider an arrest, this decision should be applied in a measured and proportioned manner," Abdulhamit Gul told.

Gul noted that the arrest rate in Turkey has dropped to 16% as of December while the rate was 41% in 2002.

He said the ministry was focused on completing the country's human rights action plan.

"We are preparing this document with a vision of trustworthy and accessible justice and a participatory and pluralistic approach," Gul said.

"Our action plan will include both regulations to improve our legislation and activities that will improve implementation. The main target of the action plan is to strengthen the rule of law based on human rights.”

Turkey will prepare a new human rights action plan as part of the country’s judicial reform package.