02-12-2020 11:47:08

“Major revision of multiculturalism, multilateralism, solidarity, will happen amid pandemic”

Presidential Spokesman İbrahim Kalın attended a session on global solidarity during the novel coronavirus pandemic at the TRT World Forum, which is being held virtually.

Speaking at the session, titled Multipolarity in the Age of Covid-19: The Future of Global Solidarity, Ibrahim Kalin said: "We are seeing a lot of changes in our perception of globalization and cooperation and other terms because we are living in a truly global moment for the first time in a long time."

Underlining that the world would see a "major revision" of concepts about multiculturalism, multilateralism, solidarity and others, Kalin said: "I think the liberal world order has never really been liberal, global or even an order. I think we will see a major revision of these concepts as we move along."

Kalin stressed that no one is safe until everyone is safe, adding that solidarity at times of pandemic meant going out and beyond your own national interests or personal self-interests. 

"But, we know the reality is not like this. The current global order is run by the most powerful countries in the world that tend to be very greedy when it comes dealing with global crises," he said.

"Multilateralism is defined in a very Eurocentric manner," Kalin asserted, arguing: "If it does not involve a European country or the United States, it is not counted as multilateralism."

He further criticized alleged eurocentrism in the world, suggesting that global chaos and injustice would only increase if the rich and powerful countries continued to be "greedy" in dealing with global matters.

 'Renewed drive towards multilateralism inevitable'

"As [Turkish] President [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan emphasizes, the fact that 'The World is Bigger than five' reflects that there are problems across the world and the focus should go beyond the five superpowers," explained Kalin.

To address multilateralism and other matters in the world in a "genuine manner," Kalin suggested, one must consider discussing failure of the international system in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Palestine.

"The question remains: Is the world willing to resolve persistent issues with a multilateral approach?"

Kalin ended his remarks by further calling on everyone to be "vigilant against the vital signs of xenophobia, anti-semitism, Islamophobia and other types of racism and discrimination."