01-08-2020 09:08:22

President Erdoğan: I wish that Eid al-Adha may bring serenity to our hearts, well-being to our country and peace to our world

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued the following message on Eid al-Adha:

“We praise our Lord, who lets us observe another Eid al-Adha. I pray to Allah that these sacred days will lead to auspicious results for our nation, the Islamic world and the entire humanity.


Unfortunately, this year we observe Eid al-Adha with grief since hajj will be fulfilled in a limited manner due to the coronavirus pandemic. Inshallah next year, millions of Muslim will once again take to the Holy Kaaba and sacred lands with love, enthusiasm and joy.

We as Turkey have successfully managed the pandemic period in every area, healthcare in particular, in a way that has been admired by the entire world. With the normalization process, life in almost all sectors except tourism has got into a rhythm which approaches the level of the pre-pandemic period.


We must both preserve the gains we have achieved and continue to march towards bigger goals by placing the principles of mask, distance and hygiene, which we refer to as MDH, in the center of our lives. We have attached special importance during the pandemic period to supporting our nation’s each and every individual, starting with those that have the lowest level of income in our country.

As part of the Social Protection Shield programme, we have put an unrequited fund of nearly 26 billion liras at the disposal of our nation. In addition to the TL1,000 bonuses we give to our retired citizens on Eids, we have increased during this period the lowest retirement pension to 1 500 liras.

We have implemented a large number of support programmes to maintain employment. Besides the short-time working allowance, we have extended the time of cash support payments provided to our workers who have lost their jobs or been sent to unpaid leave.

By putting all the means of the Republic of Turkey at the disposal of each and every one of our 83 million citizens, we have enabled ourselves to look at our future with confidence. We do not have the slightest doubt that our people will transform the means we have provided to them to bigger contributions to our great and strong Turkey ideal with their diligence, endeavors and productivity.


We will inshallah leave new victories to our children in these days during which we are about to enter the month of August, which went down in our history as the month of victories. We are determined to complete our struggle going on a vast area stretching from Iraq and Syria to Libya with victory for both ourselves and our friends as well as our brothers and sisters in these countries.

We will continue till the end our works we have begun in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean to protect our rights. We will not hesitate to use our sovereign rights as in the example of Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, which we re-opened for worship on a Friday in line with the foundation charter of Mehmet the Conqueror.

We will continue to stand with all facing oppression and injustice no matter in which part of the world they live and regardless of their faith, origin and culture. We will maintain this holy struggle until our last breath as long as Allah’s help and our nation’s support are with us. I pray to my Lord that for the sake of these holy days he smooth our way on Sirat al-Mustaqeem, gladden our hearts and increase our efforts and strength.

Before I end my remarks, I especially ask all our citizens, who will set off for Eid al-Adha, to strictly abide by traffic and healthcare rules. Please, let us be more careful and more responsible in order not to cast a shadow on our joy of Eid, hurt hearts or deprive our people and country of strength. I once again wish that Eid al-Adha may bring serenity to our hearts, well-being to our country and peace to our world. Eid Mubarak!”