26-02-2019 14:27:00

“Turkish research team sets up temporary base for research”

Industry and technology minister Mustafa Varank attends a campaign rally in Bolu.

A team of Turkish scientists now in Antarctica has established a landmark science base on the bottom of the world, said the nation’s industry and technology minister on Monday.

Following the setting up of the three-year base on Horseshoe Island, Turkish "scientists are currently planning their third science expedition to Antarctica," Mustafa Varank told a campaign rally in Bolu.

Earlier this month, a Turkish team led by scientist Burcu Ozsoy -- Turkey’s second team to the frozen continent -- traveled to Antarctica for a 30-day expedition.

The current expedition follows up on 2016, when the first-ever Turkish team of researchers -- including doctors, botanists, geologists and oceanographers from seven universities -- traveled to Antarctica to study the impact of climate change.

 The current expedition is supported by the Turkish Presidency, the Industry and Technology Ministry, and Istanbul Technical University’s Polar Research Center, along with other Turkish universities. 

 Continent reserved for humanity 

Antarctica, which has no indigenous inhabitants and is not ruled by any country, is called the “peace and science continent.” It has served as a scientific research zone since the signing of the 1959 Antarctic Treaty.

The Council of Managers of National Antarctic Program, formed in 1988, includes 30 members which have more than 100 scientific bases in moderately mild regions of the continent. 

The university's Polar Research Center was established in Antarctica in 2015 with the aim of doing research and raising Turkey's profile among the international scientific community.